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Nashville's Best 3D Laser Scanning Service

APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is Nashville’s best 3D laser scanning service. Every top-level professional in the architecture engineering or construction (AEC) industry knows that projects always begin with an extensive amount of planning and coordination. We’ve comfortably cut out our spot as your best partner in delivering accurate reality captures complete with as-built data and integration with building information modeling (BIM) techniology to expedite your project planning process and drastically reduce the need for change orders, additional costs, and project delays.

With APEX, you’ll enjoy working with a laser scanning professional with over 16+ years of experience in the AEC industry that has scanned hundreds of construction projects. When you combine this with our foundational commitment to quality and precision in all of our Nashville 3D laser scanning services, you’ll see that your local experts are unmatched by any other company in the nation.

We leverage modern technology in our 3D laser scanners to deliver the detailed and precise measurements that make your project as success from beginning to end. No contractor, engineer, or architect wants to experience the costly pains of shutdowns in your construction process. Our laser scanning company in Nashville makes sure you can minimize disruptions in your construction schedule with our high-efficiency and non-contact solutions. We’re very skilled in operating through live environments and make sure that our footprint on your daily activities is minimal while gathering the data you need.

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A Comprehensive Suite of Laser Scanning Solutions

We cover a comprehensive suite of laser scanning solutions in Nashville to fit all the needs of your project.

As-Built Documentation: We’ll help you make sure that every detail of your current structure is well documented to allow you to make precise modifications in the planning phase of your project. We do this by delivering detailed “reality captures” of your existing conditions with modern laser scanning technology.

Scan-to-BIM Services: The output of our laser scans is known as a “point cloud” which is just a digital representation of the physical data we collected. We’ll combine the point cloud we created for your project with the latest in Building Information Modeling technology to help streamline your planning and design processes. Few laser scanning projects are complete without our scan-to-BIM service because it has such a major impact on reducing clashes, minimizing change orders, and effectively keeping up with your project timelines.

Detailed MEP Documentation: Laser scanning is the #1 choice for making sure your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) layouts are accurately documented. You can trust that our 3D laser scanning services will deliver the data you need to avoid costly issues during your construction process.

The APEX Difference

  • Direct Communication

    Dave Schaff personally oversees every project, ensuring consistency and reliability.

  • A Consultative Approach

    We work closely with you on your project to learn exactly what you need and ensure that we come armed with the best equipment for your your specific project.

  • No Middlemen

    You'll get a straightforward and transparent experience when we're handling your project. There's a clear line of accountability, and you'll know exactly who is responsible for your project and what equipment will be used on site.

16+ Years Experience

Owner of Apex 3D Scanning Solutions, Dave Schaff

Dave Schaff

Dave Schaff, the dedicated owner of APEX 3D Scanning Solutions, brings a wealth of expertise and a meticulous eye to the forefront of the 3D laser scanning industry. With over 16 years of experience in AEC, Dave has pursued his favorite niche of the industry and carved out APEX as leaders in delivering precise and reliable 3D laser scanning services.

You'll find infinite resilience in his commitment to doing quality work as well as a deep understanding of each project's intricate needs. His hands-on approach ensures that clients receive the highest standards of service, personalized attention, and custom tailored 3D laser scanning solutions from the first phone call to the final delivery.

It's this attentive nature that really sets APEX 3D Scanning Solutions apart because the foundation of the company is in being fully engaged and fully transparent with every client. These core values have brought APEX as a preferred partner for many AEC professionals looking for 3D laser scanning services anywhere in the United States.

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A Comprehensive 3D Laser Scanning Suite With No Boundaries

Our Services

3D Laser Scanning Near Me

We’re proud to be delivering our extensive range of 3D laser scanning services in Nashville. No matter your location, our team is equipped and ready to provide you with the high-quality 3D scanning solutions you need. If you’re looking for “3D laser scanning near me” you’re looking for APEX 3D Laser Scanning Solutions.

reality capture

3D Laser Scanning

We provide accurate digital captures of building exteriors and interiors, essential for renovations, historical documentation, and construction management.

Our building 3D laser scanning service ensures detailed as-built records for architects, engineers, and construction professionals, enabling precise planning and execution.

laser scanning for heritage


We deliver accurate digital representations of industrial facilities and machines to drive decision making, improve productivity, and enhance safety operations.

Industrial 3D laser scanning is an invaluable service for reverse engineering, quality control, plant layout optimization, and integrating into Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems for facility management.

3d modeling from laser scan

3D Modeling Services

We'll take the detailed scan data we've created for you and turn it into a precise 3d model supporting a range from BIM integration to virtual reality simulations.

Our 3D modeling services are the perfect addition to your 3D laser scanning project for design validation, clash detection, and interactive presentations of your construction projects with things like virtual walkthroughs and immersive experiences.

Matterport Capture Services

We transform physical spaces into immersive 360 degree virtual tours using state of the art Matterport capture technology.

Our cutting edge Matterport technology allows us to create realistic virtual walkthrough experiences ideal for real estate showcases, construction documentation, and historial preservation.  Easy sharing makes this service great for those looking to enhance visiblity and engagement.

drone imaging services

Drone Imaging Services

We use modern drone imaging technology to provide high resolution photographs and videos from an aerial view.

Using drones gives us the ability to capture expansive areas and difficult-to-access sites with precise, clear imaging. Perfect for surveing, progress tracking on construction sites, and marketing real estate properties.

Construction Site Monitoring

We offer regular 3D laser scanning services on construction sites to aid in monitoring the site and tracking progress.

With regular 3D laser scanning, construction site monitoring is a breeze, and you'll easily be able to verify adherence to plans and identify any potential issues before they become a costly problem.

The Best 3D Laser Scanning Company in Nashville

Nashville’s contractors, architects, and engineers are calling APEX the best 3D laser scanning company, and we look forward to the chance to add you to that list when we deliver on your project.

We make the goals you’ve set for your project our top priority, and we’re to provide with our modern laser technology and expert guidance for each step of your journey.

Contractor 1
Contractor 1
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APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best.
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Engineer 1
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APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best.
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Project Manager 1
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APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best.

Your Nashville Local Partner in Laser Scanning Precision

At APEX, we're aiming to set the standard for the top 3D laser scanning services in Nashville. At the forefront of our operation is a dedication to the client experience. Every company in this industry is equipped with modern 3D laser scanners that are capable of giving highly accurate results, but every company in this industry does not deliver and satisfy clients the same way we do.

Custom 3D Scanning Projects Tailored for Your Needs

We've got over 16+ years of experience in the AEC industry that says no two projects are exactly the same. Because of this, our 3D laser scanning company takes the extra step to make sure the exact needs of your project are met regardless of the expectations. We'll take on everything from sprawing industrial sites to intricately detailed historical structures with a number of addon services that will truly allow you the best digital representation of your space.

Expert Advice When You Need It

Our consultative approach to 3D laser scanning is another factor that is helping us set the standard. Every 3D Scanning experience is about more than just the point cloud data you receive at the end. For the time we work together, we join your team ready to help integrate our modern laser scanning technology into your current projects and answer any questions you may have. We'll make sure that your project is a success all the way through.

Why Choose Apex for 3D Scanning Services in Tennessee?

It's a no brainer. Choosnig APEX for 3D scanning services in Nashville means choosing a team that puts the needs of your project first. We're more than just the best 3D laser scanning company; we're passionate experts that will bring your project to life with the detail and clarity it deserves.

You don't have to take our word for it though. Just read some of the experiences our clients have shared; you'll see their stories reflect our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

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Let's Get to Work.

Project Gallery

Laser Scanning FAQ

What is 3D laser scanning?

3D laser scanning, as a field professional, is a technology that revolutionizes how we capture and document the physical world. It utilizes advanced laser technology to create highly accurate, detailed digital replicas of objects, structures, and environments. This process, which we refer to as “reality capture,” is pivotal in various sectors but finds significant utility in construction and architectural design.

Key Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning

  • Precision: The technology’s ability to record millions of data points rapidly ensures that every scan is incredibly precise, often down to the millimeter. This precision is crucial for ensuring that the measurements reflect the real-world dimensions as closely as possible, which is vital for everything from initial design to final construction checks.

  • Efficiency: Compared to traditional surveying methods, laser scanning is much faster. This efficiency is essential in projects with strict timelines, allowing teams to proceed to the next stages of construction or renovation without unnecessary delays.

  • Versatility: Laser scanning’s application stretches across multiple industries, demonstrating its adaptability. Whether creating complex architectural models, ensuring components fit perfectly in industrial setups, or meticulously documenting historical sites for preservation, laser scanning meets diverse needs with the same level of detail and accuracy.

  • Non-Intrusive Nature: Since the equipment is contactless, it is ideal for surveying sensitive or fragile areas. This feature is particularly beneficial when working with historic preservation projects where maintaining the integrity of the site is as important as the documentation itself.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Laser scanners capture every visible detail of a space or object in three dimensions, allowing for a thorough examination from any perspective. This capability is indispensable for catching potential issues early and planning effectively.

In my professional experience, embracing 3D laser scanning technology significantly enhances project outcomes across the construction and architectural fields. It not only provides the tools necessary for detailed planning and precise execution but also fosters better collaboration among project teams by offering a clear and accurate visualization of every project phase. Whether for designing, inspecting, or preserving, laser scanning delivers insights and accuracy that traditional methods cannot match, making it an invaluable component of modern construction and architectural practices.

How Accurate is 3D laser scanning?

Modern 3D laser scanning technology offers unprecedented accuracy in creating detailed 3D models and as-built drawings from physical spaces and objects. While the precision of this technology is generally remarkable, several key factors influence its accuracy:

Factors Influencing Accuracy:

  • Scanner Quality: High-end scanners are crucial for achieving high measurement accuracy and resolution. These devices capture even the smallest details, ensuring comprehensive data collection. On the other hand, lower-end scanners might miss finer details, which is why our company insists on using only the best equipment available.

  • Environmental Conditions: The scanning environment plays a significant role in data accuracy. Factors like lighting, temperature, and humidity can impact the effectiveness of the scanning process. For instance, bright sunlight reflecting off surfaces can hinder the scanner’s ability to record clear data.

  • Target Surface Properties: The characteristics of the object being scanned also affect the outcome. Materials that are dark, shiny, or transparent might challenge the scanner’s capacity to capture accurate data, potentially leading to less precise results.

  • Operator Skill: The expertise of the technician operating the scanner is vital. Proper setup and calibration are essential for optimal results, underscoring the importance of experienced professionals in achieving the best outcomes.

These elements highlight the complexity of 3D laser scanning and the need for careful consideration of various factors to maximize the technology’s benefits. Our commitment to using advanced equipment and skilled operators ensures that we provide clients with the most precise and reliable data possible, enhancing project planning and execution across diverse fields.

What are the advantages of using 3D laser scanning over traditional methods?

Integrating 3D laser scanning into your construction projects brings a wealth of benefits that significantly boost both the process and the final outcomes. This modern technology dramatically enhances accuracy, efficiency, and even the flexibility of project management and data use.

Key Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

  • Speed and Efficiency: 3D laser scanning captures millions of data points quickly, transforming the surveying process for large and complex sites. This rapid collection reduces downtime and propels the project forward, speeding up the transition to subsequent phases.

  • Accuracy and Precision: With the capability to measure down to the millimeter, laser scanners provide an exceptional level of precision. This accuracy is crucial for correctly fitting components, aligning structures, and preventing costly errors that can arise from imprecise measurements.

  • Comprehensive Data Capture: Unlike traditional surveying methods, which might focus on specific dimensions, 3D laser scanning offers a holistic view of the construction environment. This is particularly valuable for early detection of potential issues, such as clashes in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, before they become problematic.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: The point clouds generated from 3D scans can be shared easily with all stakeholders, including architects, engineers, and contractors. This accessibility improves communication and allows for real-time updates to project plans, fostering a more collaborative working environment.

  • Cost Savings: 3D laser scanning helps to minimize the need for costly reworks, delays, and errors. By ensuring that materials and designs are accurate from the start, the technology not only saves time but also reduces waste and additional costs.

Overall, the adoption of 3D laser scanning in construction is reshaping the industry, leading to advancements in accuracy, efficiency, and overall project safety. This technology is rapidly becoming essential for modern construction projects, setting new standards for how buildings are designed and built.


Can 3D laser scanning be used for outdoor environments?

Absolutely, 3D laser scanning has proven itself to be incredibly effective for outdoor use and is now widely utilized across various industries for external applications. This robust technology adeptly handles diverse outdoor conditions, bringing the well-known benefits of 3D laser scanning into the open environment. Whether it’s conducting architectural surveys, overseeing construction sites, or evaluating large tracts of land, its versatility allows for thorough data collection outdoors. Expect the same level of precision and efficiency outdoors that you would typically find in indoor environments.

Applications for 3D Laser Scanning


Improves accuracy and efficiency in construction projects by providing precise measurements and data for site planning, monitoring construction progress, and ensuring components fit correctly, thus reducing costly rework.

Industrial Plants

Facilitates the design, expansion, and maintenance of industrial facilities by capturing detailed geometrical data for complex structures and machinery, enhancing operational planning and safety checks.

As-Built Drawings

Offers accurate documentation of buildings or structures post-construction, ensuring that the as-built drawings reflect the true built environment for future reference and modifications.

Heritage Preservation

Enables precise and non-intrusive documentation of historical sites and artifacts, preserving intricate details without damaging sensitive materials, crucial for restoration and conservation efforts.


Assists in accurate and efficient planning, design, and maintenance of buildings by providing architects and engineers with precise dimensional data and detailed structural insights.


Enhances quality control processes by enabling thorough inspections of infrastructure, components, and assemblies, identifying defects and deviations from intended designs or standards.


Supports the update and improvement of existing structures by providing detailed information about current conditions, facilitating the integration of new technologies or features.

Manufacturing Facilities

Streamlines the setup, modification, and optimization of manufacturing processes by providing precise factory floor data, improving machinery placement, and workflow efficiency.

Agricultural Facilities

Assists in the design and management of agricultural facilities by creating detailed models for layout optimization, storage solutions, and equipment placement.


Ensures the accurate measurement of concrete structures for compliance with specifications and detection of potential issues like deformations or cracks before they become structural concerns.

Oil & Gas

Critical in the exploration, production, and maintenance phases of oil and gas operations, providing detailed data for facility upgrades, safety evaluations, and compliance with environmental standards.

Power, Process, & Plant

Enhances the design, maintenance, and expansion of power generation facilities, capturing complex data for process optimization and safety improvements.

Water Treatment Plants

Supports the design and maintenance of water treatment systems by documenting existing conditions and aiding in the efficient placement of pipes and equipment.

Universities & Education

Useful in campus planning and facility management, helping educational institutions visualize renovations and expansions, and manage space more effectively.


Assists in the construction, renovation, and maintenance of sports facilities by ensuring precise dimensions for seating, safety measures, and general infrastructure planning.

Acoustic Engineering

Used in the design and construction of spaces requiring specific acoustic properties, like concert halls and theaters, to ensure sound is perfectly engineered throughout the space.

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