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Atlanta's Best 3D Laser Scanning Service

APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is Atlanta’s Best 3D Laser Scanning Service. Each top professional in architecture, engineering and construction knows that every project begins with a lot of planning. Our position as the best provider of accurate reality captures, complete with As-built data, as well as integration with BIM technology, has been firmly established. This will help you to accelerate your project planning and reduce change orders, extra costs and delays.

APEX will provide you with the benefit of working with an experienced laser scanning expert who has over 16 years of experience in the AEC industry and has completed hundreds of projects. Combine this with the commitment we have to precision and quality in our Atlanta 3D Laser Scanning services and you’ll find that our local experts can compete against any company nationwide.

Our 3D Laser Scanning technicians are equipped with the latest technology to provide you with accurate and detailed measurements. This will ensure that your project is a success right from the start. The cost of a construction shutdown is a nightmare for any contractor, architect, or engineer. With our non-contact and high-efficiency solutions, we ensure that you minimize the disruptions to your construction schedule. Our team is highly skilled at working in live environments, and we make sure to minimize our impact on the daily activities of your business.

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A Comprehensive Suite of Laser Scanning Solutions

As-Built Documentation: We will help to ensure that all the details of your existing structure are well documented so you can make accurate modifications during your planning phase. This is done by using modern laser scanning technologies to deliver detailed “reality captured” images of the existing conditions.

Scan to BIM Services The output from our laser scanners is called a “point cloud”, which is a simple digital representation of physical data that we collected. Our team will combine the data we collected for your project into the most advanced Building Information Modeling software to streamline the planning and design process. Our scan-to BIM service is a vital part of many laser scanning projects because it helps reduce clashes and change orders while keeping your project on schedule.

Detailed Documentation for MEP: Laser scanning is your best option to ensure that you have accurate documentation of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing layouts. Our 3D laser scan services can deliver you the information that will help to prevent costly problems during construction.

The APEX Difference

  • Direct Communication

    Dave Schaff personally oversees every project, ensuring consistency and reliability.

  • A Consultative Approach

    We work closely with you on your project to learn exactly what you need and ensure that we come armed with the best equipment for your your specific project.

  • No Middlemen

    You'll get a straightforward and transparent experience when we're handling your project. There's a clear line of accountability, and you'll know exactly who is responsible for your project and what equipment will be used on site.

16+ Years Experience

Owner of Apex 3D Scanning Solutions, Dave Schaff

Dave Schaff

Dave Schaff, the dedicated owner of APEX 3D Scanning Solutions, brings a wealth of expertise and a meticulous eye to the forefront of the 3D laser scanning industry. With over 16 years of experience in AEC, Dave has pursued his favorite niche of the industry and carved out APEX as leaders in delivering precise and reliable 3D laser scanning services.

You'll find infinite resilience in his commitment to doing quality work as well as a deep understanding of each project's intricate needs. His hands-on approach ensures that clients receive the highest standards of service, personalized attention, and custom tailored 3D laser scanning solutions from the first phone call to the final delivery.

It's this attentive nature that really sets APEX 3D Scanning Solutions apart because the foundation of the company is in being fully engaged and fully transparent with every client. These core values have brought APEX as a preferred partner for many AEC professionals looking for 3D laser scanning services anywhere in the United States.

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A Comprehensive 3D Laser Scanning Suite With No Boundaries

Our Services

3D Laser Scanning Near Me

We’re proud to be delivering our extensive range of 3D laser scanning services in Atlanta. Our team is equipped and ready to provide you with the high-quality 3D scanning solutions you need. If you’re looking for “3D laser scanning near me” you’re looking for APEX 3D Laser Scanning Solutions.

reality capture

3D Laser Scanning

We provide accurate digital captures of building exteriors and interiors, essential for renovations, historical documentation, and construction management.

Our building 3D laser scanning service ensures detailed as-built records for architects, engineers, and construction professionals, enabling precise planning and execution.

laser scanning for heritage


We deliver accurate digital representations of industrial facilities and machines to drive decision making, improve productivity, and enhance safety operations.

Industrial 3D laser scanning is an invaluable service for reverse engineering, quality control, plant layout optimization, and integrating into Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems for facility management.

3d modeling from laser scan

3D Modeling Services

We'll take the detailed scan data we've created for you and turn it into a precise 3d model supporting a range from BIM integration to virtual reality simulations.

Our 3D modeling services are the perfect addition to your 3D laser scanning project for design validation, clash detection, and interactive presentations of your construction projects with things like virtual walkthroughs and immersive experiences.

Matterport Capture Services

We transform physical spaces into immersive 360 degree virtual tours using state of the art Matterport capture technology.

Our cutting edge Matterport technology allows us to create realistic virtual walkthrough experiences ideal for real estate showcases, construction documentation, and historial preservation.  Easy sharing makes this service great for those looking to enhance visiblity and engagement.

drone imaging services

Drone Imaging Services

We use modern drone imaging technology to provide high resolution photographs and videos from an aerial view.

Using drones gives us the ability to capture expansive areas and difficult-to-access sites with precise, clear imaging. Perfect for surveing, progress tracking on construction sites, and marketing real estate properties.

Construction Site Monitoring

We offer regular 3D laser scanning services on construction sites to aid in monitoring the site and tracking progress.

With regular 3D laser scanning, construction site monitoring is a breeze, and you'll easily be able to verify adherence to plans and identify any potential issues before they become a costly problem.

The Best 3D Laser Scanning Company in Atlanta

Atlanta’s architects, engineers, contractors and builders call APEX Atlanta’s best 3D scanning company. We look forward to adding you to this list once we complete your project.

Our laser technology is the latest in cutting-edge, so we can provide you with expert advice and modern guidance at every step.

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Contractor 1
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APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best.
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Engineer 1
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APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best.
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Project Manager 1
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APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best. APEX 3D Scanning Solutions is great, Dave Schaff is the best.

Your Atlanta Local Partner in Laser Scanning Precision

APEX strives to be the leader in 3D Laser Scanning Services for Atlanta. Our commitment to our clients is at the core of everything we do. We are the only company that uses 3D scanners capable of delivering highly accurate results.

Customized 3D scanning projects tailored to your needs

Our 16+ year experience in AEC has taught us that no two projects will ever be the same. Our 3D scanning company goes the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met, regardless of what you expect. Our 3D laser scanning company will tackle everything from industrial sites and intricately detailed historic structures. We offer a variety of additional services to help you get the most accurate digital representation.

Get Expert Advice Whenever You Need it

We also set standards with our consultative approach when it comes to 3D Laser Scanning. The 3D Scanning process is more than the data that you get at the end. During the period of time that we are working together, we will join your team to assist in integrating our laser scanning technology with your existing projects. We can also answer questions. Your project will be a complete success.

Why choose Apex 3D Scanning Services for Atltanta?

No brainer. APEX's scanning services are the best in Atlanta. You can be sure that your needs will always come first. Our 3D scanning services are more than the best in the industry; our experts will give your project the clarity and detail it deserves.

But you don't need to believe us. You can read about some of our client's experiences. Their stories will reflect our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Let's Get to Work.

Project Gallery

Laser Scanning FAQ

Can 3D laser scanning be used for historical buildings in Atlanta?

Atlanta’s rich architectural heritage can be preserved and restored using 3D laser scanning. This is a powerful tool for preservationists and architect. This technology provides highly accurate digital records, without the need for physical contact between structures.

The 3D laser scanning can provide multiple advantages on historical buildings:

Non Intrusive Documentation : 3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact method of documentation that captures all the fine details without touching surfaces, which physical measuring tools could damage. 3D laser scans can preserve older buildings that might be damaged by physical measuring methods.

Highly Accurate models: Scan scanners produce 3D models that are highly accurate and show every detail of a building, from the intricate carvings to the foundation settlement. This information is used to assess the current structural condition and plan any necessary repairs or restorations.

Preservation & Restoration : With accurate data, restoration team can create exact replicas of missing architectural elements. Scans can be used to create digital models that help analyze the structural behavior of historic buildings in different conditions. This helps ensure that any interventions are both effective and sympathetic.
Archival Records: Scanning creates a digital archive that can be used for restoration or educational purposes. This is especially useful if the building suffers any damage.

Public Education and Engagement: The 3D models allow for a virtual tour of historical sites without causing damage. This is a great way to increase public awareness and educate the public about heritage conservation.

Atlanta, where historic buildings are a key part of the city’s identity, has recognized that 3D laser scans will be necessary to preserve them for future generations. Atlanta, which is a city rich in history, can celebrate its past and protect it from future changes by utilizing modern technology to steward historic sites.

What are the benefits of using 3D laser scanning for construction projects in Atlanta?

The use of 3D laser scanning in Atlanta construction projects has many advantages, including improved accuracy, a streamlined project, and better project management. Here are some ways 3D laser scanning technology can help construction efforts in Atlanta:


3D Laser Scanners Provide Greater Accuracy And Precision. Three-dimensional laser scanning provides accurate measurements to ensure that all aspects of a building project are aligned seamlessly with architectural plans. This method of measuring captures more precise and accurate data than any other. This precision helps to ensure:


Reduce errors Accurate data helps reduce costly mistakes and errors in actual construction operations. Improved Quality: Data with high resolution ensures that construction is in compliance with all standards and improves the overall quality of structures. Increased Efficiency and Time Savings
The data collection process is significantly accelerated by 3D laser scanning, reducing project timelines.


Rapid Data collection: Scan sites quickly with modern survey techniques. This allows for faster analysis and incorporation into workflows. It helps keep projects on track or ahead and saves both time and money. Cost Reduction
3D laser scanning is a cost-effective way to save money on a construction project.


The precise measurements of laser scans reduce the need for rework, modifications and waste labor when compared to less precise methods. The accurate data they provide also allows for more efficient resource allocation and less waste of labor and materials.


Collaboration and communication improved: The 3D scan data enables all parties involved in a project to share digital models, point clouds and scans. This improves collaboration.


Improve Communication Teams can view and discuss data in real time, making it easier to address issues, take decisions, and keep all stakeholders informed about project status.
Integration of 3D Scan data with BIM: The integration of 3D scans into BIM systems can streamline collaboration between architects, engineers, and builders. Safety Enhancement Enhancing
By eliminating the need to physically access construction sites when measuring dimensions and distances, 3D laser scanning improves safety.


Remote Measuring: Survey teams can measure high-risk areas remotely from a distance to minimize their safety risks. Comprehensive Hazard Analysis: The data collected can be used to identify potential safety concerns before they become a hazard on site.
Memphis, where new constructions as well as renovations of historic buildings are common, uses 3D laser scans to gain a competitive edge by ensuring that projects are completed with greater precision, efficiency and safety. This technology is a great way to support Atlanta’s growing construction sector, as it offers tools that are in line with modern management practices for construction engineering.

Is 3D laser scanning cost-effective for small projects in Atlanta?

Yes, even for small projects, 3D laser scanning can be cost-effective by reducing the need for reworks and ensuring that the project is done right the first time, thereby saving both time and money.

What types of projects can benefit from 3D laser scanning in Atlanta?

A wide range of projects can benefit, including architectural design, construction, industrial manufacturing, civil engineering, and even entertainment for creating accurate sets and virtual environments.

Applications for 3D Laser Scanning


Improves accuracy and efficiency in construction projects by providing precise measurements and data for site planning, monitoring construction progress, and ensuring components fit correctly, thus reducing costly rework.

Industrial Plants

Facilitates the design, expansion, and maintenance of industrial facilities by capturing detailed geometrical data for complex structures and machinery, enhancing operational planning and safety checks.

As-Built Drawings

Offers accurate documentation of buildings or structures post-construction, ensuring that the as-built drawings reflect the true built environment for future reference and modifications.

Heritage Preservation

Enables precise and non-intrusive documentation of historical sites and artifacts, preserving intricate details without damaging sensitive materials, crucial for restoration and conservation efforts.


Assists in accurate and efficient planning, design, and maintenance of buildings by providing architects and engineers with precise dimensional data and detailed structural insights.


Enhances quality control processes by enabling thorough inspections of infrastructure, components, and assemblies, identifying defects and deviations from intended designs or standards.


Supports the update and improvement of existing structures by providing detailed information about current conditions, facilitating the integration of new technologies or features.

Manufacturing Facilities

Streamlines the setup, modification, and optimization of manufacturing processes by providing precise factory floor data, improving machinery placement, and workflow efficiency.

Agricultural Facilities

Assists in the design and management of agricultural facilities by creating detailed models for layout optimization, storage solutions, and equipment placement.


Ensures the accurate measurement of concrete structures for compliance with specifications and detection of potential issues like deformations or cracks before they become structural concerns.

Oil & Gas

Critical in the exploration, production, and maintenance phases of oil and gas operations, providing detailed data for facility upgrades, safety evaluations, and compliance with environmental standards.

Power, Process, & Plant

Enhances the design, maintenance, and expansion of power generation facilities, capturing complex data for process optimization and safety improvements.

Water Treatment Plants

Supports the design and maintenance of water treatment systems by documenting existing conditions and aiding in the efficient placement of pipes and equipment.

Universities & Education

Useful in campus planning and facility management, helping educational institutions visualize renovations and expansions, and manage space more effectively.


Assists in the construction, renovation, and maintenance of sports facilities by ensuring precise dimensions for seating, safety measures, and general infrastructure planning.

Acoustic Engineering

Used in the design and construction of spaces requiring specific acoustic properties, like concert halls and theaters, to ensure sound is perfectly engineered throughout the space.

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